Moon Safari!


A lot of hearts victim of being treated carelessly have been winding up in my arms, forcing me to see how awful it is to be treated poorly.

Making lunch with the nuns and going out to feed and talk to the beach dwellers in Wai'anae is the most beautiful/heartbreaking part of my week.

I have come face to face with the beautiful truth that Jesus' blood makes every little thing new, even the ugliest and most devastating things.

I am inordinately sensitive, preoccupied with aesthetics, and concerned with what people whose opinions should not matter think of me.

I have been passionately using the word 'bastard' frequently.

Photographers are mostly snobs, this depresses me.

The woman I most look to for guidance is gone, and I am really missing having someone to keep me in line. I know it is just time for me to keep myself in line.

Being a part of birth changed me. It is the most amazing, powerful, awe-inspiring thing I have ever seen.

I have no idea how I came to date the boy I am dating. He is, on paper, my polar opposite. There is, however, no one I like praying, singing Kenny Chesney songs, or dancing on balconies more with.

I wish everyone knew everything I knew about the human body. It makes God a lot harder to ignore.

I am learning a lot about real purity, unconditional love, honoring my parents, and a lot of other important lessons I skipped in my youth.

I love, love beer. All of it. But I am prayerfully considering ceasing to drink it. As my fave Saint Augustine says: Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.

I am so tired of anyone faking anything. It makes my skin crawl. But especially in this, I am learning to love.

I think going to Africa, if nothing else, will make me a better studier. I will know that my knowledge can change peoples lives if I pass it on.

I have no idea what I'm doing come January, and I am happy about it.

More and more, I have a serious desire to spend my life among the poor.

KA, I felt a deep sadness after reading both of your posts. Not even for any particular reason. Maybe just that I feel very removed from both of you, from us, KLANzz as a whole, and it is strange. It is unfortunate to me that I do not share life with any of you. But I will just have to cope, I s'pose. Or maybe you should just talk to me again. Either or. :)

I feel very strange ending with this point, in light of both of your posts, but it is the biggest, most profound, and most relevant discovery in my life recently. So I must:

The people I spend large amounts of time with include a pageant queen, an iphone using, collared shirt wearing reader-type, girls obsessed with fashion and make-up, a buff, Mexican, motorcycle riding sailor, intense mokies, educated snobby rich girls, wannabe gangsters and artsy ragamuffins. If two people just GET IT, get that life is beautiful, wonderful and lived because of the Gospel, they can spend the rest of their lives working to change the world, in ardent conversation, laughing and crying together.

I love you so much, always, even if we never share another word. I love you I love you I love you.